An On-Demand Massage Platform

Znitt is my first initiative to create and implement an on-demand business model. It has been fully developed by me and Joana Mendes and the whole platform is divided into three distinct sections that go through many different technologies. The first section concerns a website made in WordPress and Woo Commerce due to the simplicity that each of these technologies provides. Here, a huge effort has been made to ensure a smooth design, coherent contents, and high-quality media. We wanted to create our own identity, which would transmit our values as a brand, without forgetting about the technical part, which allows our clients to create their own accounts, track their appointments, book massages, access all the information that he/she may need and even apply to work with Znitt. The second section is where all the operations are articulated. It is basically a simple Python web service that connects the website to a logistics platform (LP) by using APIs and webhooks. It listens for new orders, launches them on the LP, checks what the status of these orders are and updates them accordingly, triggering payments captures and SMS/email notifications. Third and last one is the LP. By partnering with an Indian company, Znitt manages to get all the procedures automated by having all new orders request sent to the nearest therapists, waiting for their confirmation, sending real-time notifications and tracking therapist’s real time location. This system also allows Znitt to manage every appointment and every therapist by providing an interactive dashboard with many supportive features. A subpart of the LP is the Znitt Therapist Mobile App, through which all the communication is made. Inside the app, Znitt therapists can set their own working schedule, accept or deny new appointments, access all their appointments history, see the place where each appointment should be performed, get directions, call/text their clients and so on.

After talking to both parties, clients and therapists, we realized that security was a major concern. To ensure the safety of our clients, we are now in the phase of drawing specific procedures to make sure that we only recruit the best therapists available, and also associate Znitt with known entities in this field to ensure the excellency on all services provided. On the other hand, for our therapists, we already use Stripe to have all clients properly authenticated, by previously authorizing payments with their credit card data before any new order is sent through the platform.


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