New Game Concept

Paradoxical Images

PI is still unfinished today. The motivation behind such project concerned the creation of a new concept where paradoxical paths would be added to a traditional Pacman style game.


IP project started by addressing game mechanics, with the creation of a game character controller to allow movement around a given paradoxical geometry.


To start with, any character would only be allowed to turn (excl. reverse) at a given corner and would be teleported at every gap so the moving looked real.


After +- 2300 lines of JavaScript, the first prototype emerged. Idle, dead and jump animations were also implemented using Unity 3D animation tool set.

Due to geometry discontinuities, many were the problems that arose. After many thinking, I decided to break the bigger problem into smaller ones.

The geometry was divided into more than 30 layers and 4x6x7=168 triggers to handle all the collisions. After that, enemy figures and bonuses were added to the game.

Hey! Do you want to try it yourself?

I’ve made a build available so you can try it out. If you feel like continuing this project please get in touch, I’ll be happy to share the source code with you.

Game Controller Features: Game State; Score System; Coin System; Swipe Manager; Pooling System; Spawn Player; Pathfinding.

Level Controller Features: Random level Generation; Level Instantiation; Trigger Generation; Spawn Locations; Waypoints.


Sound Controller Features: Background Sounds; Volume & Sound Controls; Jump, Game Over, Menu Click and Collision Sounds.

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