Lisbon City Bird

A Real Estate Project

Looking for a new house to rent can be a time-consuming task, especially if you need to grand certain requirements. In my case, every time I needed to move, I saw myself spending hours over hours searching different real estate platforms, hoping to find the best opportunities. To solutionate my problem, I started by creating a Python bot able to scan all major Portuguese real estate platforms.

This bot would then send me a newsletter every three days with relevant deals, filtered mainly by price per square meter. The amount of ads on these newsletters was still huge so I decided to print them to an HTML page instead. This way, I was able to add filters and features using JavaScript and Jquery, classifying results according to different criteria (Normal, Good, Charming and Luxurious). In the end, I used Firebase to make my search available not only on my computer but everywhere for that time period.


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