HTML5 Upload Form App Script Google Sheet

Google Forms are the best service for creating online forms but they miss a few key features found in commercial web form builders. For instance, Google Forms do not allow file uploads to Google Drive. A school teacher may want to build Google Forms where students can upload assignments and the files are automatically saved to her Google Drive but in separate student folders. The maintenance department of a company may want to build an online form where workers can upload their situations together with a photo proof and so on. Using Google Scripts I have created a workaround to allow such file inputs. To get an idea, open this sample web form and you will find that it has all the fields found in native Google Forms and an extra one as well for file input.

The form is exactly like Google Forms and when you press the submit button, the files are sent to the owner’s Google Drive while the entered data is saved in a Google Spreadsheet. Every new email entered in the form will generate a separate folder to keep all files organized as well as a new email notification to the form owner.

Here are some of the main features of HTML5 Upload Form App Script Google Sheet:

  • Data validation rules on form fields using simple regular expressions;
  • Allow single file uploads or multiple uploads per file upload field;
  • Stores files on separate Drive folders according to provided email;
  • The forms are hosted on Google Servers but can be embedded on external websites;
  • Send email notifications when people submit the form;
  • Include the form fields in the email notification;
  • Only allow file uploads of specific types;
  • Fully responsive works on most mobile phones;
  • Google native fold fields (date picker, dropdown, textarea, checkbox);
  • No PHP or server needed.


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