Curriculum Valley

The main goal of 2016 Sonae Gyroscope edition was for

participants to show a different perspective

about the world. 

Cv Valley is a simple concept game where one just needs to pile as much CV’s as possible over a Human Resources desk. Made essentially in Unity 3D with the backup of Photoshop CS6, the game was on Google Play Store two weeks after the initial drawings.

For this contest, participants were invited to present a text, image, video, game or any other digital media, where they’d show a different perspective of the world. I choose to create a game mainly because that was the most challenging choice to be made. It was not my first game so most of the things were simple to implement. Game speed follows a padrone to adapt to user’s input speed to make the game less predictive and attention was also given to color animations to make the scenario more appealing. The most challenging part was the collision handing by multiple rigid bodies due to performance issues, situation that only got fixed after many trial-error experimentations.

At the time, I was convinced that the best strategy would be to show imagination, backed up by something real, so that people in charge could see that I have what is called a different perspective, and most importantly, the skills to implement it.

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